Southern Comfort Specs

This is the 'Big Brother' to the Ultimate Gameday and 'Little Brother' to the Goliath! Great all'round grill and smoker combo!


1.  Main smoker tank rolled 1/4" diamond tread  steel 

2. Measuring 60"X38" with 3 slide out racks sized at: 54"X38" - 
54"X33" - 54"X24


3. Rib box 40"X18"X36" 5 racks 38"X16" 

4. Charcoal grill 30"X40"X38" two racks 30"X38" 

5. Insulated firebox 38"X20"X20" 


*This is a reverse flow smoker*

All prices listed are for standard builds with no optional accessories.

Some smokers that are pictured have upgraded rims, and optional upgrades added.

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